Trade Enquiries

This section of the site is for Trade enquiries only.

Are you are a boutique or Designer looking for a reliable way to clear your samples?
Why not join a growing number of UK and International retailers who are using Swoon to market their Bridal sample wear?
Or perhaps you would prefer to just advertise your stock here with links through directly to your shop?
Happy to help with accessories too – no request too small. Call us today.
For further information please fill in your contact details below and we will be in touch shortly

Trade Enquiries

Please note that due to copyright of our trade t/cs we will only be able to forward further information if you provide details of your shop –or the shop you had, if you have now ceased trading.

If you are a private seller please contact us via the ‘Sell My Dress’ section of the site.

Please note -this section of the site is for Trade only.